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Eastport Journey


A long-desired roadtrip led me to Eastport, the easternmost city in the US.

Uncertain of what I was actually going to do when I arrived, I strolled through the Historic Downtown area along the waterfront. In and out of random tourist shops, I found myself on the wharf attracted by the tops of the tall masts of what had to be a schooner.

Peeking over the guard rail I saw a couple dozen people loaded up with heavy clothes and backpacks and drinks in their hands. They were obviously headed out on some sort of tour. I yelled down to ask when they were shoving off - 1:30. I looked at the phone had not changed time zones yet - it read 2:27.

Debating slowly with myself, I decided to head to the top of the road and inquire about getting on board.

Certainly not dressed for the weather or for a boat trip, the woman who sells the tickets asked if I had a sweatshirt or something warm with the end, I am happy to have purchased a shortsleeve shirt to go over my thin and sleeveless top.

Her husband, Butch was the captain, and agreed to hold the boat for me. I ran back to the dock, sandals flopping about and camera bag bouncing on my shoulder with camera around my neck. I suddenly felt like such a tourist!

As soon as I boarded, we shoved off ~ the engine was already engaged~

within half an hour, we encountered the first of several whale sightings. A few other boats were around, mostly from Canada. We were the fortunate ones on a spacious old wooden schooner. (Ada C. Lore) Interesingly, she was built in NJ!

By the end of the three hour tour, we were led past seals, a salmon fishery/farm, Porpoises, Bald Eagles, Head Harbour Light, Minke Whales and finally, we passed back over Big Sow - the world's second largest whirlpool at a total of 376' deep. Thankfully, the whirlpool is only as such at low tide. We returned to the dock nearly 2 hours prior to that.

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