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5 Years and going strong

We began production 5 summers ago, with our ultimate kitchen approval happening in August of 2016.

Over the years, there have been many trials, errors and especially successes!

The growth experienced could not have happened nearly as well as it did without the unwavering support of caring and concerned customers. I am grateful for each person that contacted me over the years - whether I was able to produce that special item or had to meet defeat with the helped me to grow. The interactions helped me to learn ~ from a personal, professional, and culinary approach.

The initial support in validating my business was a core group of wonderful individuals now referred to as Gluten Free Friends. While all the past years' events have changed the dynamic of the group, the support is always felt!!

A big thank you to all my customers that continue to confidently share our baked goods with family, friends, coworkers. Some also share with a new neighbor as a welcoming gift. Thank you all.....


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