Pie Crust       $9.00  9" Pie tin. 

Homemade crust, can be used for sweet or savory fillings.  Sold frozen.

Pizza Crust     $5.00    7oz 

Par-baked crust.  Sold frozen.

Yummy Bread     $10.00  

Dark, yeast raised bread.  Suitable for everyday eating, sandwiches, toast, dipping....

Spinach and "Cheese" Pockets   $5.00 each

Tender bread filled with spinach, "cheese", and garlic.  Reheat in toaster oven (recommended) or in microwave on lower power.  


Apple Pie            $27.50

Tender homemade crust filled with sliced apples and topped with cinnamon crumb topping

Chocolate Cake                 $37.50  6"

                                       $42.50  8"

3-Layer cake filled with vanilla or chocolate icing.

Chocolate Cupcakes            $4.00 each

Carrot Cake                        $37.50 6"

                                         $42.50  8"

Freshly shredded carrots, a touch of applesauce and spices fill this new twist on a favorite of years ago!

Carrot Cupcakes                  $4.00

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