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Chocolate Covered Oreos                $1.35 each

                                                    $7.50 1/2 dz

Too new for Nabisco to cover these gluten free cookies in Callebaut chocolate, so we are taking on the task!

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods        $1.15 each

Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers   $1.25 each

                                                   $7.00 1/2 dz

Homemade graham-style crackers with Callebaut chocolate.  My personal childhood favorite, brought back in gluten free form.  Shaped in hearts for the holiday! 


Almond Biscotti                             $5.00 4-pack

Pistachio Craisin Biscotti                 $5.00 4-pack

Our biscotti are baked to be slightly sweet, slightly soft, but full of flavor.  Both flavors are dairy free and soy free.

Linzer Cookies                               $2.75 each

Almond based shortbread and raspberry preserve-filled cookie sandwich.  Tender and not overly sweet tender dessert option.

ChocolateWalnut Bar                  $4.50 each

Rich layer of fudge centered between egg-free shortbread crust and walnut, chocolate chip topping.

Cookie Assortment                      $28.00

May include Oreos, bite size versions of our Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Double Chocolate, Grahams, Chocolate Pretzels, Linzer Cookies, Sugar Cookie Cutouts, Walnut Bars.  All in a festive package for sharing.

Lemon Pound Cake                    $8.00 small

                                                $15.00 large

                                                $25.00 Jumbo

Our tried and true, all-things-lemon pound cake.  Made with Cabot butter.

Cheesecake                                $18.00 6"

                                                $26.00  8"

New York Style, baked cheesecake in our homemade shortbread crust.  Topped with chocolate ganache.


Flourless Truffle Torte               $20.00  6"

                                               $26.50  8"

                                               $26.50  8" Heart

The original, gluten free cake from the time before gluten free was so prevalent.


Apple Pie                                  $25.00

Fresh apples, sliced thin - buried beneath a cinnamon crumb topping, all baked in our own pie crust.

Pie Crust in 9" tin                         $9.00

Tender and flaky, this preformed pie crust can be used for your own sweet or savory pie.

Baked Brie                                    $8.50

Small wheel of Brie, wrapped in our own pie crust, ready for you to bake - 20 minutes for a warm, full flavor brie appetizer.  

Baguette                                     $5.50

Crusty bread, can be used for dipping, make your own crostini for Bruscetta, garlic bread..... approx. 7oz

Crostini                                       $6.00 / bag

Thin slices of dairy free bread rounds, already toasted and ready for your additional appetizer topping.  Approximately 24 slices per bag.

Crumb Cake                                  $15.00 / pan

Dairy free vanilla cake topped with cinnamon crumb topping.  Great for breakfast or with afternoon tea!  Try warmed with ice cream and caramel, or drizzled with chocolate!

Blueberry Muffins                          $3.00

Our staple muffins, loaded with wild blueberries.  Made with pure vanilla, butter and sour cream.

Pumpkin Pecan Muffins                  $3.00

Pumpkin is not just for Autumn.  We have made these dairy free favorites for years.... ALL year long

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