Cheesecake 8”  $32     6"  $24
Traditional baked NY style, baked in a shortbread crust, plain, or topped with chocolate ganache     

Chocolate Flourless Torte 
4"  $18   6"  $26   8" $34
Rich, dense chocolate dessert slathered with ganache

Lemon Meringue Pie   $28.
Tart lemon curd baked beneath fresh made, golden meringue.

Apple Crumb Pie      $28.  Vegan
Freshly sliced apples with cinnamon crumb topping  9” pie  

Pecan Pie     $28.
Tender pecans fill this pie, with just enough pure vanilla.

“Just the Crust” Homemade Pie Crust -   $9
Yet-to-be-baked crust already formed in a foil pan... for you to fill as you desire.  

Lemon Pound Cake      $17.50 large   $25.00 jumbo
An all-time favorite from our year-round menu  
Serves 6 to 8  and  10 
 to 12  

6" Coconut Cake  $38.00
Tender Vanilla 3-Layer Cake filled with coconut frosting, finished with Toasted coconut
Pumpkin Bread - Dairy Free  $9  $16    $24
Our standard year-round offering.  Nut free, dairy free, soy free, corn free...but full of flavor.

Pumpkin Roll    $24
Gluten Free version of the old-time favorite dessert ~ filled with cream cheese icing.

Chocolate Walnut Bars   $5.00
Shortbread crust with rich chocolate filling, topped with walnuts and chocolate chips.  Egg-free.

Almond Biscotti $5.00 

Pistachio-Craisin Biscotti  $5.00
Anise Biscotti   $5.00

Linzer Cookies  $4.50
Almond shortbread cutout sandwich cookies

Gingerbread Cutouts  $4.50
Sold "naked", for your own decorating project.
Approximately 5" cookie

All About The Bread
Vegetarian Stuffing      $12
Serves 4-6  No Gluten, YES flavor.  Made from dairy free bread, celery, onions, garlic, and vegetable stock.
Dinner Rolls   $7.50
Dairy Free 1/2 dozen    Warm slightly and eat as-is or use for sliders! 
Sandwich Bread     $12
Dairy Free This one beats the frozen competition!  (Unsliced)
Baguette    $6.00
Egg free, Dairy Free

Spinach and Cheese Pockets  $6.00
Fresh crust filled with 3 cheeses and chopped spinach.  



$3.00 each
Pumpkin Pecan (Dairy Free)
Lemon Poppy
Orange Cranberry
Chocolate Chip


Lemon Poundcake


Pistachio Cranberry Biscotti




NY Style Cheesecake


Dinner Rolls


Pecan Pie


Lemon Meringue


Chocolate Walnut Bar


Coconut Cake