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Please allow 3 days notice. 

(For example - Order by 2pm Tuesday for pick up Friday)

We will gladly accept orders with more notice than that!

(Although sometimes we can cover a last minute requests!)

Walk-in customers are welcome.

Main Menu ~ 2021

*** Desserts ***

Cheesecake                                   $26.00 8"
                                                          $18.00  6"
                                                       $5.00 Individual
New York Style, with shortbread crust, topped with Ganache

Lemon Pound Cake                    $16.00 large         
                                                         $9.00 small
                                                         $24.00  Jumbo loaf
Our all-time best seller!  Loaded with flavors from real lemon oil and lemon juice.  Large loaf is 24 oz, small is 12 oz. 

Pumpkin Bread                             $8.00
                                                           $24.00 Jumbo Loaf
Flavorful, tender pumpkin bread - dairy free.
This selection is so popular we offer it all year long!

Layer Cakes                         8" $43.00       
                                         6" $37.00
                                         10" $62.00
Chocolate, Vanilla, Almond Raspberry - the favorite!
Baked with love, our cakes will not let you down.  Hard to believe they are gluten free!   
(Almond raspberry is an almond flavored cake with seedless raspberry preserves and vanilla frosting)      
Cake prices include a basic decoration and inscription, if desired. 

Apple Pie                                                       $28.00
Made with fresh sliced apples; topped with a buttery cinnamon crumb topping.

Pecan Pie                                                       $28.00
Pecans baked into a pure vanilla - based pie.  Baked in our store-made pie crust.

Key Lime Pie                                                 $28.00
Traditional pie, made of pure Key Lime juice.  Crust is made with our own store-made graham-style crackers.


*** Smaller and Individual Portions ***

Cupcakes (Jumbo)                           $4.00 each
Vanilla, Chocolate or Almond Raspberry, NEW - Red Velvet
Large enough to share a few bites!
Minimum order 4 per flavor.

Muffins    (approx 4 oz ea)             $12.00    4 pack           Blueberry, Cranberry Orange, Chocolate Chip
Dairy Free: Pumpkin Pecan 

Crumb Cake*                                       $16.00 Pan
Vanilla cake topped with cinnamon crumb topping.  Dairy Free, soy free.  Great with ice cream, coffee, tea...

Apple Crumb Cake*                             $16.00 Pan
Same as our crumb cake, with addition of cinnamon-y apples poking through the crumb topping.

Chocolate Walnut Bars                     $5.00 each
Melt in your mouth, fudgy goodness baked with egg-free shortbread crust, topped with walnut pieces and chocolate chips.

Biscotti                                                   $5.00
Cranberry Pistachio 
Sold as a 4-pack.  Dairy free, soy free.

* Served in a 5x7 reusable foil pan

   Pan Selections serve 4 - 6 larger portions or 6- 8 smaller


Yummy Bread                                           $10.00
Our fresh, handmade vegan bread.  Made with a touch of molasses and cocoa.

Baguette                                                    $6.00 loaf
Egg free, dairy free crusty bread

Sandwich Bread                                   $12.00 loaf (26 oz) 
Soft sandwich bread, no toasting necessary, but can certainly handle it!  Great for sandwiches, morning toast or French toast with maple syrup!  This loaf is dairy free, and contains eggs.

Crostini                                                           $6.00 bag
Thin sliced toasts, ready-to-go for dip, bruschetta, appetizers..

Dinner Rolls                                  $7.50 per 1/2 dozen
Great for appetizers or finger sandwiches, these are dairy free.
Minimum order 1/2 dozen

Pie Crust                                                  $9.00   9"  tin
Store made and hand-formed in foil pan. Sold frozen.  

Pizza Crust                                              $5.00  7oz crust
Par-baked, just add your own toppings.  

Pizza Dough                                         $5.00  7 oz frozen
Unbaked, ready for you to design your own creation.

Please call, email or message to place an order.

We accept venmo, paypal, credit cards and cash.


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Lemon Poundcake

Sugar, GF Flour Blend (Organic Brown Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour) Eggs, Butter, Milk, Lemon Juice, Lemon Oil, Pure Lemon Extract, Pure Vanilla Extract, Aluminum Free Baking Powder, Xanthan Gum 

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