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Gluten Free By The Sea

The passion began years ago....

Enjoying the process of baking and cooking stretched to the satisfaction of knowing it could also make others happy.  After years of working as a Chef and Pastry Chef, a new challenge was added to the mix.  I learned of my intolerance to wheat products and then more specifically came the celiac diagnosis.

Tricky as it was, navigating the gluten free world was not impossible, but it was admittedly far from easy.  The biggest hurdle was to learn the tricks and techniques of shifting all I ever knew about baking and start over again.  

No longer able to open a simple bag of flour to create a 10 minute batch of cookies, the journey began - - - 

after many many bags of varied companies' versions of flours (rice, tapioca, garbanzo, fava bean, almond....the list goes on) a few favorites were decided upon and the baking trials began.

Fast forward to today - and we are now comfortable again in the process, able to offer fresh baked gluten free products to the public, both near and far as any of our items ship well.






With a full working knowledge of a commercial kitchen and the risks of cross contact or cross contamination, it was decided that our business would be the production of goods created in an environment void of gluten.

We proudly offer baked items ranging from sweet breads or cookies to specialty cakes and savory breads, rolls and sandwich pockets.  Beyond the gluten free factor, most of our product line can be modified to accommodate other dietary restrictions.

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